Serious Pipe and Drain Clogs Cause a Need for an Emergency Plumber

An emergency plumber becomes necessary when a drain, toilet or sewer pipe becomes clogged and unusable. Depending on the situation, the home’s residents may be able to work around the problem until normal business hours, but that’s not always the case. A clogged sewer pipe in particular usually must be addressed promptly. It means none of the drains or toilets can be safely used without further backing up of water and sewage into the basement or an upstairs drain. One individual may be able to avoid flushing a toilet overnight, but an entire family is likely to have problems with this strategy. If guests are staying at the house, the situation is even worse.

What other types of plumbing clogs constitute an emergency? In some instances, the main sewer line is OK but the toilet is completely plugged up and no amount of plunging resolves the problem. The clog is likely in the pipe between the commode and the sewer pipe. If this is the only toilet in the house and it must service more than one person, the home’s residents will probably decide to call a company like All-Tex Boiler & Plumbing Services for emergency assistance. Even if there are two toilets, one fixture being out of commission can cause a relative hardship when numerous people live in the house or when guests are staying overnight. The house might have a master bathroom off the main bedroom, for example, and everyone else is expected to use the other bathroom.

A reader may wonder why there seems to be an emphasis on guests. That’s because plumbers are accustomed to an increase in emergency calls when visitors are at the house. As a group, their busiest time of year for emergency situations is at Thanksgiving. An influx of visitors means more use of toilets and sinks. They might flush things they aren’t supposed to, such as tampons and sanitary wipes. Those items can catch on tree roots growing into joints in the underground sewer pipe in the yard and begin to block flushed toilet paper and other items. After holiday meals, people may be inclined to drain grease into the sink, leading to a very stubborn clog.